IATA Managing the Travel Business

Course Overview

With more than 1 billion people traveling abroad each year for leisure, business, education, family and other reasons, the travel industry offers travel professionals tremendous business opportunities. This course will improve your skills to supervise and manage a team, to initiate change and make business decisions based on sound negotiating strategies and to gain a competitive business strategy by developing new products and marketing these effectively.

Gain insight into agency accounting procedures to build business plans that ensure good financial health.

On successful completion, you would be entitled an IATA/UFTAA International certification. Acquire essential knowledge and skills to work in the travel and tourism industry and become an effective travel professional. Provide advice on flight, accommodation and tour products, and how to ensure travelers to fulfill necessary travel requirements. Improve your customer service and sales skills in order to better advise travel customers about when and where to travel, based on their needs. Learn to use a global distribution system to create and manage reservations.

Who should join

Anyone, who wishes to have a career in the travel industry, can opt for this course. Entry level managers, Middle-management in the travel industry, Agency back office staff members, Agency business owners, can also attend this course. Basic reading, writing and speaking in the English language is necessary

What You will learn

After Completing the course you will be able to:

=>Understand the manager’s roles and responsibilities within a travel agency

=> Coach and motivate employees

=> Develop sound negotiating skills

=> Develop new products and services

=> Arrange special interest travel and tour production

=> Set up proper back office operations

Key Topics

=> Administration and accounting

=> Strategic management and negotiation

=> Product development

=> Meeting and event planning

=> Sales and marketing plus developing a social media strategy

Career Opportunities

Reservation & Ticketing Executive 

Airline Call Center executive, 

Customer Service, 

Sales Executive (airports), 

Traffic Assistant (airports),

Tour Operator, 

Tour Guide, 

Sales Executive (Airlines), 

Marketing Executive (Airlines), 

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