OET is the Occupational English Test. It is an English language proficiency test for the healthcare workers across 12 different professions such as Nurses, Doctors, Physiotherapist, Dentists. etc.

The test covers four skills - Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

The Listening and Reading sections are common across all 12 professions. However the Writing and Speaking sections are specific to each profession.

The Speaking section of the OET involves two role plays. The role play is specific to the profession of the candidate. The person facilitating the role play is called the interlocutor who plays the part of a patient or a family member of the patient. The interlocutor doesn't do the assessment and give marks. The role plays are recorded and evaluated by graders who assign marks based on the assessment criteria implemented by the OET. It is therefore important the candidate is audible and doesn't speak softly. 

OET Official - Sample Video - Speaking Section - Role Play - Medicine

The Writing section is also specific to each of the twelve healthcare professions that OET assesses. The types of letter include letter of referral or transfer, and is addressed to another healthcare professional at another facility. The candidate must write the letter using the case notes that are provided. Candidates are assessed over six different criteria which include Content, Organization, Language etc. 

Among the English speaking countries, OET is accepted as a proof of English language proficiency in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, and the United States of America

OET Training at Syscoms

Course Duration: 32 hours

Flexible Timings

Online or Face to face classes

All study materials provided

Computer Based or Paper Based OET?

Currently OET Offers Computer Based test only for Medicine and Nursing. 

Paper Based test is available for all 12 healthcare professions including Medicine and Nursing. 

Since OET continuously updates its testing, please check the OET official website for the latest update, 

Official Website of OET https://oet.com/