No one is born with the talent to deliver great speeches or make impactful presentations. Public speaking skills are often learned. At Syscoms, you can become adept and confident in your public speaking skills by learning the right techniques in a relatively short time.

What is Public Speaking and why is it important?

Giving a speech or making an oral presentation in front of a live audience is what Public Speaking is. In most cases it is a formal event or a staged one, with the speaker having done enough practice beforehand. However, there are those occasions or situations where one may have to make an impromptu speech. In either case, an individual would need to remove any stagefright or nervousness of speaking in front of a group or a large audience. 

Become a Confident Speaker

During the lessons, you will learn how to overcome normal beginner pitfalls, and become comfortable and confident as a speaker.

Whether your job or your position requires you to speak in public or to colleagues or clients, but you are hesitant, this course will help you master all the public speaking skills and make you a pro at giving a speech or a presentation.

Course Objectives

The main objective of the course is to empower a working professional or a high-school or college student with the confidence to speak effectively to a large audience without any fear or hesitation or nervousness. 

Course Prerequisites

The Public Speaking course is for those who are at least Pre-intermediate speakers of the English language and not those at the beginner or elementary level. 

What is covered in the course?

  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Knowing your audience and engaging your audience
  • Delivering the message effectively
  • How to use gestures and body language effectively
  • Intonation and word stress for an impactful speech
  • Writing a speech
  • Vocabulary building and usage for powerful speeches 
  • Pronunciation and accent neutralization. 
  • Making effective presentations (PowerPoint or otherwise)
  • Improving language skills (grammar and accuracy)

Course Duration: 20 hours

Public Speaking Sample Video from TedTalk. 

Speech Topic - Try Something New For 30 Days. 

Speaker: Matt Cutts

This speech by Matt Cutts is an example of effective public speaking in a short time. The speech is a little over 3 minutes only. In his speech, Matt effectively conveys his message via good content, excellent body language, appropriate visuals, fabulous word stress and intonation, appropriate and natural humor. 

Please watch