School Workshops

Communication Skills for Teachers

This intensive workshop has been designed specifically for the school teachers. A teacher who has a good grasp of the English language in both speaking as well as in writing will become more confident, effective, and efficient as a teacher in any subject. 

The medium of instruction in a large number of schools in the UAE is English. Further, many of these schools have students from different countries who aren’t native speakers of the English language and in many cases, they don’t speak Arabic either. Hence, the English language becomes the intermediary language, and a teacher with poor English communication skills can hamper the learning process of the students as he/she will not be able to connect with the students effectively. Young students emulate their teachers, especially the language and its structures, jargon, and pronunciation. Therefore, it is imperative that a teacher is quite adept at using the English language since that would make the teacher more effective, thereby helping the students to learn the correct usage of the language rather than learn the wrong usage. That, in turn, will further pave the way for the students to get a command over the English language and do well in school.

Moreover, a school, which has teachers who have good English communication skills, will end up getting a higher rating from the concerned government monitoring body, in this case, ADEC. A command over the English language can also help teachers get the target score in proficiency tests such as IELTS, which is becoming mandatory for school teachers in the UAE.

The Program

The workshop for teachers has been carefully designed and developed making sure that all prominent aspects of the language skills that school teachers would require are covered. Our experienced, passionate and enthusiastic trainers will help the participants grasp the various structures, various phrases and expressions, and jargon etc. and train them towards adding more impact in their teaching, and also making a mark when interacting with others including the parents of their students.

Based on our experience and observation, the most common request we receive from schools is to help the oral communication skills of the teachers. However, apart from the oral communication skills, the workshop will also cover the written English required to maintain quality as a teacher and be a true professional. The written English area will cover email etiquette, formal letter writing etc.

Key Topics

  • Vocabulary building
  • Formal and informal language
  • Polite VS impolite phrases
  • The importance of intonation
  • Complex VS Complicated Structures
  • Using body language effectively
  • Using tact in classroom and during meetings
  • Maintaining rapport with students and their parents
  • Making effective presentations 
  • Email etiquettes